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About Banyule Maintenance

There is nothing more frustrating than attempting work around the house and discovering you don’t have the right tools, experience or expertise to finish the task. Or having half-started jobs sitting around for months – or even years! 

That’s where Banyule Maintenance can help. We have a team of skilled people who can do a wide range of home repair and maintenance jobs to help maintain your home.   

Whether you need help with small home repairs or larger renovation projects, we can make your life easier and often save you both time and money.  

We can tackle your repairs and improvements To Do list in one go and our experience and knowledge means we can complete projects quickly and efficiently.  This means we can complete multiple projects around your home without you having to hire multiple trades. 

We also have access to the tools and materials we need to complete projects, meaning you won’t have to spend time shopping for tools and materials that you might only use once, or only need a small amount of. You also won’t waste time trying to figure out how to do a job that you have never done before. 

Banyule Maintenance offers a wide range of services, including, painting, carpentry, fences, roofing, gutters, small plumbing jobs and many others. We can also call on other trades such as electrical, making us a one-stop-shop solution for nearly all of your home improvement needs. 

Call us today to find out how we can help you to maintain and add value to your home.