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Handy work

We offer a wide variety of handy work. Including everything from assembling furniture, changing light bulbs, hanging blinds, replacing grouting, hanging pictures and mirrors and so much more. 

Banyule Maintenance Group – Your Expert Home Improvement and Handy Work Partner

Welcome to Banyule Maintenance Group, your go-to solution for all your home improvement and maintenance needs. With a wide variety of services tailored to make your life easier, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch handy work that leaves your home looking impeccable. From furniture assembly to hanging pictures and mirrors, our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing you with exceptional service and results.

Professional Handy Work Services

At Banyule Maintenance Group, we understand that maintaining a home can be overwhelming. Our professional handy work services are designed to alleviate that burden and offer you peace of mind. Whether it’s assembling furniture, changing light bulbs, or replacing grouting, our skilled handymen are here to tackle all your household tasks efficiently and effectively.

changing light panels

Expert Furniture Assembly

Struggling with flat pack furniture assembly? Leave the job to us! Our expert handy work team is well-versed in assembling all types of furniture, saving you time and effort. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure that your furniture is put together securely and ready for use.

furniture assembly

Picture and Mirror Hanging Specialists Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home with our picture and mirror hanging service. Our skilled craftsmen know just how to position and secure your prized artworks, family photos, and mirrors, adding an elegant touch to your living spaces.

mirror installation

Regrout and Revive

Damaged grouting can make your tiles look unsightly and compromise their integrity. Our handy work professionals are experienced in replacing grout, reviving your tiled surfaces, and restoring their former glory.

Trusted Home Handyman Services

At Banyule Maintenance Group, we take pride in being your trusted home handyman service provider. From minor repairs to larger projects, our experienced team handles it all with precision and care, ensuring the best results for your home.

Skilled Carpentry Services

Need a skilled carpenter for your home improvement projects? Look no further! Our carpenters are ready to tackle any carpentry task, whether it’s customizing furniture, installing cabinets, or creating unique woodwork pieces to suit your taste.

Safe and Reliable Electrical Work

Electrical tasks are best left to professionals for safety reasons. Our handy work experts include experienced electricians who can handle various electrical installations and repairs with utmost safety and compliance.

Transform Your Outdoors

Our expertise doesn’t stop at indoor handy work. We have a team of landscapers who can transform your outdoor spaces into beautiful and functional havens. From gardening to patio installations, we bring life to your outdoor areas.

Affordable and Hassle-Free

Banyule Maintenance Group offers competitive pricing without compromising the quality of our services. With transparent pricing and no hidden fees, our services are affordable, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free experience without breaking the bank.

Your Home Improvement Partner

For all your home improvement needs, Banyule Maintenance Group is your reliable partner. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring your home looks its best and functions seamlessly, providing you with an enhanced living experience.

At Banyule Maintenance Group, we take pride in being the top choice for home improvement and maintenance services. Our skilled handymen are ready to tackle any task, whether it’s furniture assembly, grouting, or picture hanging. With a commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction, we are here to make your home a better place, one task at a time. Trust us with your handy work needs, and experience the difference that professional expertise can make in transforming your home. Get in touch with us today and let’s start making your home improvement dreams a reality!