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How regular repairs and maintenance can save you money – and add value to your home

Sometimes it might feel frustrating that there is always something to be done around the house. However, staying on top of home repairs and maintenance can save you money in the long term.  

Banyule Maintenance can help your stay on top of small repairs and upkeep that, if left, could cause major and expensive issues down the track.  

Not only will this work make it safer, more comfortable and nicer for living in, but it can also add value if you are selling or planning to rent out your home. We work with a lot of clients to help them stay on top of regular cleaning and repairs. Some of the most common jobs we do is to fix leaky taps, broken windows, damaged walls to help prevent them from becoming more significant and costly problems. 

Simple updates such as new paint, flooring, or upgrading a bathroom can make a big difference.  We prepare your surfaces properly before painting, including patching holes in walls. Talk a look at some of our Before and After pictures to see some of the upgrades we have done for our clients.  

A well-maintained fence or retaining wall will improve safety and street appeal. We can repair and replace broken fencing as well as build new ones from scratch.  

 Making your home more energy-efficient can not only reduce your monthly energy bills but also add value to your home. There are a number of ways we can help including to seal windows, plug holes and change your lightbulbs to LED. 

Talk to us at Banyule Maintenance today to get a free appraisal of the ways we can help you with repairs, maintenance and adding value to your home.