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How we can quickly add value to your home with paint

Want to quickly add value to your home? Having your house professionally painted is one of the most effective ways of increasing the appeal of your house.

Not only can a fresh coat of paint transform the look and feel of your home when you are living in it, a lick of paint can also make it more attractive to potential buyers if you are looking to sell. 

A well-painted exterior helps create street appeal. The right colours inside and out can make your house stand out and create a great first impression.  

Over time, paint on your home can chip, peel and fade, making it appear tired and old.  A quality paint job can quickly update your home and make it appear more modern and stylish.  

Not only will the team at Banyule Maintenance take care of the painting, but importantly, we address issues including moisture damage, rotting and fading.  

Melbourne can have a huge variance in weather conditions, so it’s important to protect your home from the elements. This will help to preserve both its condition and value. 

Real estate agents will tell you that a well-maintained and well-painted home is often more desirable to buyers and can sell faster. For those looking to rent out homes, you can maximise your rental income if the home looks more attractive to potential tenants.  

Banyule Maintenance uses high-quality paint to ensure a longer-lasting finish. We have the expertise and experience to properly prepare and paint your home, ensuring that the job is done right the first time. 

Talk to us at Banyule Maintenance about how we can help you better enjoy the home you live in – and give you the best chance of a higher return if you are choosing to rent or sell.